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What's FOUNDD all about?

Finding great content became as easy as turning on a TV

Our philosophy:

We want to enable you to spend your time with things you love. The internet has given us access to great content for every taste. But what has been missing so far is an easy and effective mechanism to match this with your personal interests and to filter out the noise.

How FOUNDD works:

Simply by telling how you like things, FOUNDD adapts the entertainment world to match your personality. This way you can be found by a selection that has been curated for your individual taste. It's an intelligent system that learns from other people who share your taste and makes finding great content as easy as turning on a TV.

Get together:

You also don’t have to suffer through a bad movie anymore just to be nice to other people. FOUNDD is the world’s first recommendation engine that finds movies you can enjoy together with your friends, at the same time.