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  • Temple of the Red Lotus
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    Temple of the Red Lotus1965

    • Action
    • Foreign

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    Jimmy Wang Yu plays a young kid who heads off to Dragon Valley to meet the childhood friend who was promised as his bride. When he gets there, he finds that the family of the bride might not be an entirely honest bunch of people though. What is the story behind their feud with the monks at the Temple Of The Red Lotus, for a start?

    Directed by:

    • Hsu Tseng-Hung

    Written by:

    • San Kong


    • Jimmy Wang Yu
    • Chin Ping
    • Ivy Ling Po
    • Lo Lieh
    • Tien Feng
    • Li Min
    • Lam Jing
    • Ng Wai
    • Chiu Ming
    • Lau Leung-Wa
    • Petrina Fung Bo-Bo
    • Go Bo-Shu
    • Fung Ngai
    • Wong Ching-Ho
    • Lee Wan-Chung
    • Chow Lung-Cheung
    • Chen Hung-Lieh
    • Wu Ma